Terms and conditions

  1. General

    You may use this website and the information on this website if you fully comply with the conditions set out in this text below.

    TeacherOnline can change these conditions at any time.

    These conditions apply to this website and all related websites of TeacherOnline.

  2. Booking additional lessons

    Book additional lessons via the website. The bookings that are made are binding.

    The bookings must always be done under the supervision of a parent. The parent receives an e-mail from TeacherOnline for each transaction. The parent is obliged to read and follow this up. The parent must also ensure that the e-mail address provided remains valid and that no e-mail from TeacherOnline ends up in the junk advertising folder or is blocked by spam filters.

    Bookings can be canceled by the parent:

    • Up to 1 day for the tutor, free.
    • Up to 2 hours for the tutoring at 50% of the costs.
    • Up to the time of the tutoring or afterwards at 100% of the costs.

    Bookings can be canceled at any time by the teacher. In that case, no costs will be charged to the parent. If a teacher often cancels a tutoring lesson, TeacherOnline will follow up.

    In a no-show of the student 100% of the costs will be charged.

    No costs will be charged for a no-show by the teacher. If a teacher often does not show up during a tutoring session, TeacherOnline will follow up on this.

    This arrangement also applies in the event of illness, force majeure, etc.

  3. General

    TeacherOnline works on the basis of tokens or tutoring minutes, which are purchased at the start.

    The price of the number of tutoring minutes per tutor depends on the quantity that is purchased.

    All tutoring minutes must be paid in advance. If the payment does not take place, the minutes will not be supplemented.

     Tokens or tutoring minutes

    For most services, one token corresponds to 1 minute tutoring. Some TeacherOnline services may deviate from this.


    The subscription is valid for the entire family and the tokens or tutoring minutes may be divided between different family members.

    Additional tokens or tutoring minutes

    Minutes can always be purchased. The price of the number of minutes per tutor depends on the quantity that is purchased.

    Transfer of tokens to the following month, the following semester or school year

    Tutoring minutes are automatically transferred to the following month, the semester and the school year. If you have tutoring minutes left at the end of the school year, you can also ask TeacherOnline to pay them back. This will be done via an amount pro rata the amount of tokens used. You can do this by sending an e-mail or filling in a contact request on the website.


    TeacherOnline can always be canceled. When canceling, your data and marketing information is not automatically deleted. Please state this explicitly.

    Money-back guarantee

    TeacherOnline offers a money-back guarantee for up to 2 extra lessons. This right may only be exercised once per family. We are happy to ask you for feedback if you reclaim your money but you are not obliged to respond. We would like you to take at least 2 extra lessons before you make this decision. If you decide to request a refund, we will keep your details (name, address, email address and telephone number) to recognize and prevent fraud when you register again. It is not fair to ask for your money back several times.

    Summer holidays

    During the summer holidays it is also possible to take extra lessons to better understand holiday tasks or to prepare for resits.

  4. Services

    Scheduled tutoring

    The scheduled tutoring consists of following an online tutoring session with a teacher on a specific date. This tutoring takes approximately 45 minutes.

    When following this session, 45 tokens will be charged when booking regardless of the 'exact' duration of the tutor.

    To be successful, this tutoring must be well prepared by the parent and / or student.

    After the tutoring, the teacher is asked to make a report. The student can also evaluate the teacher.

  5. Intellectual property rights

    You explicitly acknowledge that the information and data provided are and remain the property of TeacherOnline. The texts, images and other items on the website are protected by copyright.

    If you wish to reproduce them or communicate them to the public other than what is permitted below in the current conditions of use, you must obtain the explicit prior written permission from TeacherOnline, unless this is not according to the provisions of the law of 30 June 1994 on copyright and related rights. is needed.

    For example, you have the right to download and reproduce information from this website for private use, as well as the right to distribute and share it in the family for free.

    Some names, characters or logos on this website are registered trademarks. You may not use it in any form whatsoever.

    If TeacherOnline offers you the option of having your own contributions included on the website, you may not forward works that are protected by intellectual property rights, unless you yourself have those rights and / or have all the necessary permissions of the right holders for the exploitation on the website.

    In any case, you indemnify TeacherOnline against claims from third parties. Your contributions must not contain any viruses, no technical shortcomings, no errors or damage the operation of computers, servers and the like.

    Unless otherwise specified, you give TeacherOnline a non-exclusive, transferable, sub-licensable, worldwide, free license to distribute and display your contributions through all possible platforms (including external websites) and to incorporate them into its programs and announcements to promote its services and products as well as in other TeacherOnline media products. This license is not limited in time, unless otherwise agreed. This license also grants TeacherOnline the right to operate its services, products and / or media products in which your contribution has been processed in all possible ways without any due payment both linearly and on demand against payment (transactional) on any platform (external websites included). Exploitation offline is also permitted without any compensation due (eg with regard to the release of a digital carrier on the market such as but not limited to DVD or CD of its services and products in which your contribution has been incorporated).

  6. Obligations regarding participation in discussion forums, chat groups, chat during tutoring and video chat

    Discussion forums are places on the internet where, following a text message or some audio (visual) fragment sent by a media user or by TeacherOnline itself, anyone with the same interest can respond to this.

    With chat groups, Facebook, Twitter you can log in on a server and discuss online with other users.

    You may only send and receive lawful, personal and non-commercial messages and information. In discussion forums and chat groups, the information must also be relevant to the group involved.

    Discussion forums and chat groups on TeacherOnline websites are generally open to anyone who wants to formulate a civilized opinion in proper Dutch.

    Responses are only welcome if they are accompanied by your first name and / or name.

    The personal data provided to TeacherOnline can be passed on to the police and judicial authorities if they are investigating unauthorized behavior in the context of an online tutoring, online mini-class and a discussion forum.

    TeacherOnline has the right to withhold contributions that:

    • be extremist, pornographic, racist, sexist or offensive;
    • can mean slander and defamation or include uncontrollable accusations or allegations;
    • contain abusive, hateful language, aggressive tone and / or racist terminology;
    • the sentences of which are written in capital letters;
    • aim at defamation or slander;
    • or are generally found to be inappropriate or legal or social.

    For a detailed definition of terms, see our Code of Conduct.

  7. Pre-moderation

    To achieve its goal, pre-moderation can be used on TeacherOnline. In such a case, each response is screened before it appears on the screen. Video material can also be screened for explicitly or suggestively forbidden images (such as, for example, suggestive or explicitly nude or sexual acts).

    TeacherOnline can shorten responses, provide comments or omit.

    Additional lessons can also be interrupted and / or stopped.

    TeacherOnline can use people or artificial intelligence for pre-moderation.

  8. Recording tutoring

    TeacherOnline records all sessions and assistance offered on the platform. We mainly use these recordings to improve the platform, to measure the quality of teachers and to prevent abuse.

    In doing so, we take into account the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy legislation.

  9. Complaints procedure

    Anonymous complaints are not permitted. TeacherOnline is only obliged to handle a complaint if it is made through the channels below and is accompanied by the identity data below as also required by the Complaints Decree of 1 June 2001: first name, last name, e-mail address and full address. The complainant specifies the object and the facts against which it is directed, as well as the interests of the complainant. TeacherOnline is not obliged to handle any complaint:

    1. in the absence of the personal data referred to above;
    2. if the complaint is manifestly unfounded;
    3. if the complaint contains no description of the facts against which it is directed or if the complainant cannot demonstrate an interest.

    The refusal to handle a complaint does not have to be motivated.

    Complaints can be sent by e-mail to support@teacheronline.be. Complaints about privacy and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) can be sent to avg@teacheronline.be.