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I am Dimitri, founder of TeacherOnline.

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Increase your impact by teaching online (you don't have to travel), earning extra money and using your professional teaching experience and education to help students.

Do you want to teach children who have difficulties at school and help them improve their results? But you don't know how to find those students?

What if you can create a teacher profile online within five minutes so that parents, students and schools can find you online to help students in need?

Would you like to give lessons but you do not like the hassle of the agreements and the relocations?

What if the tutoring could continue online so that distance does not play a role and you can teach from home so that you lose little time? What if appointments are arranged for you via an online planner?

Would you like to earn some extra money as a teacher?

What if we ensure that online teaching yields just as much as the regular tutoring traditionally taught at home? However, earning extras should never be the main reason for giving online tutoring.

Are you a professional teacher with a pedagogical education and experience in education and do you want to make a positive learning impact?

What if you can make a difference for students with online tutoring? If you can ensure that they are successful and can complete their direction so that they are not reoriented?

TeacherOnline's mission

“ TeacherOnline npo wants to ensure in collaboration with parents and teachers that each child can successfully complete the chosen study through individual support and coaching.

This in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, schools or companies. ”

What is TeacherOnline?

Poor study results require extra support. Extra help with studying, extra explanation, extra motivation and professional tutoring in the way the subject matter is treated in class.

Finding the right tutor carefree, planning lesson moments when it suits you and above all online in your child's own, familiar environment.

TeacherOnline is a recognized platform that offers all of the above for parents and students.

You will find professional teachers online, 24/7 and the tutoring can continue online at home.

What do TeachOnline users think?

(...) When hearing her exam result, Zoë was happy and very proud of herself. Before the online tutoring sessions, she struggled with the curriculum because of her dyscalculia and struggled to keep up with the pace of her class. (...)

— Amelia, parent of Zoë

(...) Zoë is a very cheerful, enthusiastic girl. So it was a pleasure to be able to teach her. It seems to me that it is not so easy for a student of the first secondary school to have a video conversation with a wildly foreign teacher but for Zoë that was no problem. (...)

— Kim, mathematics teacher

As a teacher you have a greater impact

All tutoring lessons are done online via a computer or tablet so that you can help more students and earn more.
No software required
TeacherOnline works via the browser (including video and sound) so you don't have to install anything and you can switch devices easily.
All tutoring lessons take place at home so that you don't have to travel as a teacher and there is less stress to start the tutoring on time.
Earning extra
In addition to the satisfaction of helping children, you also earn some extra money in addition to your regular income so that you can give yourself something extra.
Sharing economy
You can earn extra money via the sharing economy so that you don't have to become a self-employed person in secondary occupation and there is no tax impact.
As a self-employed person in secondary occupation you can also get started on TeacherOnline. You can invoice TeacherOnline so that you can keep this status.
Own planning
You decide when you want to teach so that you can combine this with your main occupation and personal life.
Ondersteuning en hulp
We provide support and a smooth onboarding on the platform so that you can quickly focus on teaching and helping students.

Get started with TeacherOnline

Don't wait any longer, register your school so that we can contact you and send you information and a surprise.

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Carefree teaching on TeacherOnline

No costs
As a teacher you do not have to pay to offer your profile as an advertisement for online tutoring to the students.
No taxes (VAT, social security)
By making use of the sharing economy and volunteer allowance you are in a fiscally advantageous regime.

Recognised as platform of the sharing economy.

TeacherOnline has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a platform in the sharing economy.

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