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I am Dimitri, founder of TeacherOnline.

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We are a school looking for tutoring

Refer less-performing students for tutoring, good communication, quality assurance and a general discount for all students at your school.

Are you looking for teachers to refer some underperforming students to tutoring? Is your current network limited and do the students not live in an ideal location for these teachers?

What if you could refer them to an organization with teachers for all subjects where they can take lessons online?

Are you worried about referring the students to a large homework institution because you are not sure how that works?

What if you as a school can keep abreast of the progress of the tutor, so that the teacher can give tips and the tutor can be tailored to the class lesson?

Do you doubt the quality of teachers and teachers (often students) of tutoring institutions? Are you worried that a lot of tutoring is given by students or people without experience or without pedagogical insight?

What if we only work with qualified teachers so that the school can give feedback on the tutors and ensure that only the qualitative teachers are used for students from your school?

Are you worried that tutoring will quickly become 'too expensive' for the parents?

What if you register as a school and receive a general discount for all your students?

TeacherOnline's mission

“ TeacherOnline npo wants to ensure in collaboration with parents and teachers that each child can successfully complete the chosen study through individual support and coaching.

This in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, schools or companies. ”

What is TeacherOnline?

Poor study results require extra support. Extra help with studying, extra explanation, extra motivation and professional tutoring in the way the subject matter is treated in class.

Finding the right tutor carefree, planning lesson moments when it suits you and above all online in your child's own, familiar environment.

TeacherOnline is a recognized platform that offers all of the above for parents and students.

You will find professional teachers online, 24/7 and the tutoring can continue online at home.

We help your school

Ethical code
We ask the students for the school so that we can avoid teachers giving paid tutoring to their own students.
Report for school
The school can be kept informed of via a report (if the parents give their permission) so that she the school is aware of progress or difficulties.
Pupils who live in remote areas
Students can take tutoring anywhere so that we can support students who live far away or are in boarding school during the week.
Pupils with divorced parents
Pupils can follow the same tutoring with both parents so that we can support students who alternately stay with the father and mother.
All tutoring lessons are online via a computer or tablet so that the student can use familiar technology.
No software required
TeacherOnline works via the browser (including video and sound) so the student doesn't have to install anything and can switch devices easily.
Each tutoring lesson is personal, one-to-one and adapted to the needs of the student so that the student can make optimum progress.
We only work with professional, qualified teachers who have experience in tutoring so that the student gets the material explained correctly and in a pedagogically sound environment.
A full range of courses so that the student can make flexible use of the platform and all needs are met.
TeacherOnline is easy to use and does not require specific computer knowledge so that the student can concentrate on learning.

Register your school on TeacherOnline

Don't wait any longer, register for the TeacherOnline application so that your child does not lose valuable time and can end this school year successfully.

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Recognised as platform of the sharing economy.

TeacherOnline has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a platform in the sharing economy.

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