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I am Dimitri, founder of TeacherOnline.

How can I help you?

I'm looking for tutoring or learning help.

Better results by finding a suitable tutor faster, planning lessons more efficiently and taking online tutoring.

Is the search for a good tutor or study coach difficult, time-consuming and stressful for your child?

What if you could find the right counselor, tutor or study coach within five minutes right now, via an online platform so that your child can immediately start and improve his or her results?

Is it even harder to find someone in the neighborhood who doesn't live too far?

What if the tutoring could continue online so that distance did not play a role and you could immediately use the perfect tutoring teacher who happens to live far away?

And is it difficult to coordinate your planning so that the tutoring and coaching can continue regularly?

What if you can immediately take the planning into account when choosing a teacher? What if the travel no longer plays a role in the planning so that your child can follow a tutor very regularly and at the right time and improve the results?

Does your child suddenly have a bad test of a course that your tutor does not teach?

What if you can schedule a tutoring of a new subject with one click so that your child can quickly get back with the subject matter?

TeacherOnline's mission

“ TeacherOnline npo wants to ensure in collaboration with parents and teachers that each child can successfully complete the chosen study through individual support and coaching.

This in collaboration with students, parents, teachers, schools or companies. ”

What is TeacherOnline?

Poor study results require extra support. Extra help with studying, extra explanation, extra motivation and professional tutoring in the way the subject matter is treated in class.

Finding the right tutor carefree, planning lesson moments when it suits you and above all online in your child's own, familiar environment.

TeacherOnline is a recognized platform that offers all of the above for parents and students.

You will find professional teachers online, 24/7 and the tutoring can continue online at home.

How does TeacherOnline work?

The video below explains how TeacherOnline works.

What do TeachOnline users think?

(...) When hearing her exam result, Zoë was happy and very proud of herself. Before the online tutoring sessions, she struggled with the curriculum because of her dyscalculia and struggled to keep up with the pace of her class. (...)

— Amelia, parent of Zoë

(...) Zoë is a very cheerful, enthusiastic girl. So it was a pleasure to be able to teach her. It seems to me that it is not so easy for a student of the first secondary school to have a video conversation with a wildly foreign teacher but for Zoë that was no problem. (...)

— Kim, mathematics teacher

We relieve you as a parent

All tutoring lessons are online via a computer or tablet so that your child can use familiar technology.
No software required
TeacherOnline works via the browser (including video and sound) so your child doesn't have to install anything and can switch devices easily.
All tutoring lessons take place at home so that your child does not have to travel and the tutoring can happen in a familiar environment.
Each tutoring lesson is personal, one-to-one and adapted to the needs of the student so that your child can make optimum progress.
We only work with professional, qualified teachers who have experience in tutoring so that your child gets the material explained correctly and in a pedagogically sound environment.
A full range of courses so that your child can make flexible use of the platform and all needs are met.
TeacherOnline is easy to use and does not require specific computer knowledge so that your child can concentrate on learning.
As a parent you will be informed about your child's progress through a report so that you are aware of the progress or difficulties.

Get started with TeacherOnline

Do not wait any longer, register for the TeacherOnline application so that your child does not lose valuable time and can end this school year successfully.

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Carefree registration on TeacherOnline

No administrative costs
so that you can get started right away.
Money back guarantee
Not satisfied after 2 lessons, we will refund your purchase so that you can try TeacherOnline without limitations.
To stop at any time
We will refund your open lesson(s) saldo. so that you are not bound by a contract.
Motivated teachers
TeacherOnline works with motivated teachers whose passion it is to ensure that children understand the subject matter and achieve good results.

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Recognised as platform of the sharing economy.

TeacherOnline has been recognized by the Ministry of Finance as a platform in the sharing economy.

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